About PEM

Founded in 1975 by Saul Herscovici and several members of the Warren family, Power Engineering & Manufacturing, Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of heavy-duty gearboxes. Our gearboxes are operating throughout the U.S. and in more than 48 countries around the world and have proven themselves in a variety of industries and challenges.

Under the leadership of newly-elected President and CEO Dennis Schilling, Power Engineering & Manufacturing is committed to working diligently to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We provide custom engineering solutions for the businesses that drive the U.S. economy. In addition to the custom design and manufacture of gearboxes, we also offer a variety of consultation services. For more on what we can do for you, check out our Services & Capabilities page.

At PEM, we take pride in every product we ship. We understand that ingenuity, relentless attention to detail, and remarkable customer service are the defining factors that set us apart from our competition, so we integrate these standards into everything we do. We don’t accept anything less than excellence because we understand that our customers’ success is a reflection of our own success, not a coincidence.

Relationships that foster profitability and growth for our customers are what we are all about. That’s why, as part of our ongoing quest to forge meaningful relationships with our customers, PEM partners with local businesses and educational resources to provide opportunities for growth in our own backyard. Our local affiliations with the Waterloo Career Center, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Junior Achievement, and Hawkeye Community College’s Business & Community Education Center reflect our community engagement and our new corporate leadership.

We understand that when we do things right, our customers and community thrive, and when our customers thrive, so does PEM.




The only employees we have at PEM are “GO GETTERS”. We seek challenges and approach them together to obtain the best possible solution, so we can provide exemplary customer service. To achieve this, we develop relationships with each other to foster problem solving skills, initiative, ingenuity, and creativity.



Our customers come first, and they know it. Their perception of PEM is based on everything we provide to them – immediate & effective communication, quality product, and exceptional service …and we all go the extra mile to build our relationship with each customer.



We always strive to be the best that we can be, both individually and as team members. Our personal success is directly aligned with PEM’s company objectives, which in turn leads to success for all. All for one, and one for all.



We trust the integrity of our co-workers and assume positive intent. We understand that our employees want to do the right thing, and empower them to continuously improve processes. We’re straightforward, honest, and we direct our communication to the right person. We’re assertive in our communication, yet transparent.



We place value in relevant, personalized training. We assess the performance of our employees, and dedicate the time necessary to coach and mentor, because we care about each persons’ developmental needs. We take the time to explain objectives and stand behind their decisions to reach those objectives.

Mission Statement

At PEM, we customize our product and service solutions to the specific needs of our customers while providing 1st class support for the most reliable, robust new and rebuilt gearboxes in the industry.

Company Vision

We provide custom solutions for the businesses that drive the U.S. economy. We take pride in every product we ship because we created it, from inception to realization, and it’s a reflection of the core values that make us who we are.

We understand that ingenuity, relentless attention to detail and remarkable customer service are the defining factors that set us apart from our competition, so we integrate these standards into our goals, processes and daily work.

We don’t accept anything less than excellence because we understand that our customers’ success is a reflection of our own success, not a coincidence. When they thrive, we thrive.


Dennis Schilling,

President and CEO

Dennis Schilling joined Power Engineering & Manufacturing in September 2005 as a machinist, serving as a valued member of the manufacturing team and providing highly customized, durable, world-class products. He was promoted to a project management role in 2008 and the newly-created Quality Manager role in 2010, where he led continuous improvement by promoting effective and systematic problem-solving methodologies and established a formal ISO 9001:2008-registered quality management system in 2013. Dennis assumed additional responsibilities and was elected by the Board of Directors to become Vice President of Operations in May 2016. In June 2019, Dennis was elected by the Board of Directors to the role of President and CEO, a position that allows him full effectiveness in shaping the company’s future. He continues to leverage his passion and drive for continuous improvement in his expanded role leading manufacturing, engineering, sales, procurement, facilities management, and information technology.

Prior to joining PEM, Dennis managed five Family Video stores for two years, and before that, he taught high school physics, chemistry, and biology in Waterloo and Springville, Iowa.

Dennis earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Northern Iowa in 2001. Dennis and his family currently live in Evansdale, Iowa.

Mike Allison,

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Allison joined Power Engineering & Manufacturing as Accounting Manager in June 2018. In this role, he oversees all accounting and financial reporting and analysis functions. In his short time so far at PEM, Mike is already bringing an unprecedented level of visibility and analytics to our organization to help ensure that we are cost competitive and financially strong without sacrificing the agility and creativity that make us who we are. While Mike’s financial management skills are undeniable, Mike is also very skilled at bridging the gap that sometimes exists between financial and operational aspects of an organization.

Mike has 25 years in financial management across manufacturing, distribution, and construction industries, and has a strong track record of driving improved financial results through cross-functional teamwork.

Mike earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in 1987 and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Minnesota in 1991. Mike currently resides in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Mike Zehentner,

Director of Operations

Mike Zehentner joined Power Engineering & Manufacturing in June 2020 as Director of Operations. In this role, he oversees all sales/marketing and engineering teams. Mike brings a wealth of sales/marketing knowledge and experience to PEM through his executive and leadership roles at US leaders in both metal spinning/fabrication and automotive advertising. Prior to joining PEM, Mike spent 6 years as VP of Business Development at Kryton Engineered Metals in Cedar Falls, IA. Prior to that, Mike spent 10 years at Mudd Advertising in Cedar Falls, IA with his final role being VP of Operations.

Mike earned his Associate of Arts degree in Business in 1996 from Indian Hills CC (Centerville, IA) and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Viterbo University (La Crosse, WI) in 1999.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys coaching high school and youth sports, playing golf, collecting sports and music memorabilia, and spending time with his family.

Mike and his family currently live in Cedar Falls, IA.

Tom Hicks,

National Sales Manager

Tom Hicks joined Power Engineering & Manufacturing as National Sales Manager in August 2016. In this role, he oversees a driven and knowledgeable team of account management and business development professionals. Tom combines the professionalism, versatility, and relentless drive to provide world-class products and services he has gained from his many successful years of experience in multiple industries to lead PEM’s expansion of both new and existing strategic partnerships with a wide variety of highly-valued customers. Tom’s proven ability to leverage the talents of engineering, quality assurance, procurement, logistics, and production has already had a positive impact on expanding PEM’s role in the eyes of its customers from being a custom gearbox manufacturer to instead being an innovative product and service solutions partner.

Prior to joining PEM, Tom spent nearly twelve years successfully leading business development and strategic account management for Bossard Americas, which included major expansions of an already-successful fastening technology partnership with Bossard’s largest global customer and its extensive first-tier supply chain. Before his role at Bossard, Tom held a variety of software engineering, sales, and technical services leadership roles in the aerospace, computer network services, and mortgage industries.

Tom earned his Associate of Arts degree in Electronic Technology in 1985 and his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Mount Mercy University in 1991.

Rory MacLearn,

Plant Manager

Rory joined the PEM team in August of 2020 as Plant Manager.  Rory brings extensive experience in manufacturing, production control, scheduling and most importantly, leadership.  He is Green/Yellow Belt Six Sigma and 5S certified, and not only has the training and certifications, but also lives and breathes the ideals, integrating them into his daily planning, management and communications.  Rory received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology from UNI in 2007 and since then has spent his career in financial budgeting and counseling, manufacturing and distribution management.  From 2014 thru 2019, Rory served as Warehousing Operations Manager at Target Food Distribution, then moved into Production Control Management for two years.  After leaving Target, Rory joined Hypro Manufacturing as their Production and Logistics Manager where he was able to facilitate numerous changes driving down cost and improving standardization.

In his spare time, Rory enjoys spending time with his family whether it’s playing sports, cards, games or just hanging around watching movies.  He also enjoys playing golf, playing billiards and listening to music.

Rory and his family currently live in Cedar Falls, IA.

Kathy Even,

Production Control Manager

Kathy Even joined Power Engineering & Manufacturing in November 2007 as a project coordinator. In this role, she led efforts to increase efficiencies and improve production scheduling and accounting by dramatically expanding the implementation scope and deployment of a modern ERP solution based on esteemed business author Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. She has since assumed additional responsibilities as Production Control Manager. In this role, she leads the entire manufacturing team in their continuing efforts to provide world-class products to PEM’s valued customers while shortening lead times.

Prior to joining PEM, Kathy spent six years as owner and operator of D&K Foods in Gilbertville, Iowa. Prior to that, she was responsible for a variety of functions in administration, finance, and sales over a career of eighteen years at Warren Computer Center in Waterloo, Iowa.

Kathy earned her Associate of Arts degree in Office Administration in 1983 from Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls. Kathy and her family currently live in Gilbertville, Iowa.