UNIMEGAGEAR — High Performance Gears

PEM’s other proprietary gear is trademarked UNIMEGAGEAR. This gear has asymmetric flanks and can carry up to 45% more horsepower. This technology offers several advantages over conventional gears. As with the MEGAGEAR®, we precisely calculated the optimal section of the involute curve as the tooth profile, which results in a greater contact area between gear teeth. This increased contact area reduces compressive stress, increases surface fatigue life, and makes load distribution more uniform. Our geometry also eliminates the possibility of tooth tip shearing.

In addition, gearboxes using UNIMEGAGEAR technology perform better than those using standard gear. Equivalent-size gearboxes can have 45% more horsepower using UNIMEGAGEAR. In hydrostatic applications, the greater contact area between gear teeth allows for a thicker oil film, which improves mechanical load transfer. Since our gears have such low tooth deflection compared to conventional gears, gearboxes using UNIMEGAGEAR will run much quieter than other gearboxes.