AD-43 Gearboxes for U.S. Navy

Power Engineering & Manufacturing was contacted to design and build gearboxes to power the electric aircraft elevator systems on the U.S. Navy’s CVN-79 USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier and LHA-8 USS Bougainville assault ship. CVN carriers are the standard fixed-wing, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, while LHA assault ships are used to transport helicopters. After extensive…

Big Bend Dam

PEM was approached by an engineering firm for a quote to produce gearboxes for a refurbishment project at the Big Bend Dam in South Dakota. PEM won the contract as our gears cost less to produce than the gears from the original equipment manufacturer. Before we could refurbish them, we had to do a teardown…

Gateway Arch

When the elevator system in the Gateway Arch in St. Louis needed to be reconditioned, the engineering firm that won the contract approached PEM for a quote. They subcontracted all the necessary manufacturing operations, and PEM was hired to produce gearboxes to drive the pulley system for the elevators. Due to delays with other manufacturers,…

Coal Production


Oil, Gas Cooler

Sugar Cane Refinement


Anchor Windlass System

Chemical Mixer

Oil and Gas Rigs