PEM Latest Career Center Partner

February 5, 2020 – Power Engineering & Manufacturing (PEM) becomes a sponsor of the Waterloo Career Center (WCC).

“Power Engineering & Manufacturing, Ltd. is excited to partner with the Waterloo Career Center and the Advanced Manufacturing program. We are looking forward to getting kids exposed and interested in the engineering and manufacturing world! These kids, born and raised right here in the Cedar Valley, will be Iowa’s future workforce if we can show them that they can make a good living right here at home, and have a career where they can build something and take pride in what they accomplish every day,” said Dennis Schilling, Power Engineering & Manufacturing President.

PEM will complement the Advanced Manufacturing pathway at the WCC, where students get a comprehensive, hands-on overview of manufacturing processes and career choices. Students work with cutting-edge technology, including high-level CADD programming like Innovator, 3-D Printers, CNC machinery, plasma cutters and welding components.

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