PEM Offers Expedited Service

When one of our customers suffered a major gearbox failure, they called PEM to get them back up and running. They needed their product fixed fast, so they utilized our break-in service. Designed to minimize downtime, your project is fast tracked through our production cycle, while still maintaining all check points for quality. Our production team built a new gearbox and shipped it to our customer in the span of two days. Such a fast turnaround time meant that the gearbox was not built to last indefinitely, but it would get them back up and running in the short term. We supplied them with a gearbox that was built to last approximately thirty days, during which time we were able to provide our customer with a gearbox that was built to last, in addition to a backup gearbox.

PEM prides itself on being able to tackle any project and thrives with what other companies might call ‘unattainable’ deadlines. We frequently work with customers on variable timelines. If your production line is down and you need something fast, contact us today.