PEM: Service and Design with You in Mind

At PEM, we offer a wide variety of engineering and consulting services, from teardown and inspection to reverse engineering and design. We design new gearboxes and upgrade existing gearboxes using proprietary design software and highly trained quality assurance staff. We can repair and rebuild any make and model gearbox from any manufacturer.

In addition to our engineering services, we can also inspect your gearboxes to diagnose failures. We’ll tear down your gearbox piece by piece and determine which components can be reused and which components should be replaced. We photograph every step of the process, so you’ll see what we see. Based on the information you provide and the state of the internal components, we can deduce the root cause of failure. You’ll receive a report with our photographs, an analysis of what went wrong, and options on how to proceed.

We are also proud to offer a unique break-in service. Your project is fast tracked through our production cycle, while still maintaining all check points for quality. This service is available for gearboxes as well as parts orders.

PEM also offers a storage and exchange program designed to minimize unplanned downtime and the best warranty opportunities in the industry. At PEM, the only standard we have is quality—everything else is custom at a competitive price. For more information on these and other services, click here or call us today.